Commands for configuring your account

For your safety; make sure the address of this page is this:

Your account can be configured extensively on this page. Instead of giving a large, complex configuration form; just send in one command at a time, to make specific changes to your account's configuration. See this short youtube video.

Note: Your special inbox where you receive all messages and emails is available at this link immediately after registration.

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Type the command into this form exactly as shown in its explanation below. Correct submission will change that part of your account configuration.

You account secret was revealed to you when you registered. Please do NOT save the account secret on any computer/device that you do NOT own.

Select each command you want to tweak, from the drop down selector below.
All commands starts with a keyword. The command may have additional parameters that you have to give.
Descriptions of the configuration keywords:
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This command works ONLY when you give this command via chat to our Telegram bot. It will NOT work via the above form.

This command registers yourself into our system. No parameter is needed. If you want to register an account using other means, please visit our registration page.

An "Account Secret" is given to you once you register. Please keep that Account Secret safe. Do NOT share it with anyone. The Account Secret should be used ONLY by you at this commands page form or when you are a merchant calling our API or when inside the special Inbox we have made for you, for reading messages.

Note that rest of the commands here will work ONLY after you get an account with us.

This command will explain the configuration of your account.

This command will form a new secret and give that to you. For security sake, it will actually NOT return back your earlier account secret. This command will also return back the last Koyn Code that was either used or generated from your balance Koyns.

Please note that if you had used our API for any application; then you would need to change the Account Secret there too!

You forgot your current account secret itself? If so, you can pretend you are registering once again and restart the registration. Our server will detect that you had already registered earlier; and reveal your account secret back to you.

This will create a new account secret for your account. Use this if you found that your earlier account secret was compromised or was not memorable. If you want to check the strength of your account secret; use this Kaspersky password checker here.

Please note that if you had used our API for any application; then you would need to change the Account Secret there too!

Alias [*xxxx*]
This command can be given in two ways: If you do NOT supply a parameter (*xxxx*) then you will be given a list of previously enabled aliases in your account. Else it will enable a new alias for you (Of course someone else should not have used that) An alias should be lowercase alphabets only, and it must have more than 6 but less than 25 characters.

Give ONLY the root name of the alias ("xxxx") at merchant websites/apps that have implemented our passwordless system.

But the alias is also an email alias of the form for your account here. On other sites/apps (i.e. ones that have not yet implemented our system) you can use it as that full email address to sign-in/sign-up.

Your account can have five free enabled aliases. More can be purchased.

Forward *alias* *otheremail* *otheremail*
You can forward emails that you receive here on an alias ( to another email address that you own. In this command, please give TWICE the email address to be forwarded to!

This is a paid feature; and you need to ensure that your account has enough koyns credited into it for this forwarder to be set.

Disable *alias*
This will disable the specified alias. Typically this is done if you thought your your alias has been misused. You can easily enable another alias for yourself. Note that there is no command to enable a previously disabled alias.

DisableDom *domain*
This will disable the specified domain. Typically this is done if you have stopped using a particular merchant's website/app and they still continue to send you messages.

EnableDom *domain*
This will enable a previously disabled domain. After giving this command, you will be able to get messages from that domain.

MessageBlock *domain*
This will disable regular messages from the specified domain. Sometimes all you want to do is to simply enter a website/app and not really get any marketing message. This command does that. It is a partial block on the domain. You would get encrypted messages, but not the regular ones.

MessageUnblock *domain*
This will enable a previously disabled message block on a domain. After giving this command, you will be able to get even regular messages from that domain.

SenderBlock *senderEmailAddress*
This will block a specific email address. Use this if you find you are getting unwanted messages emailed into your account. If you keep getting such unwanted from many different email addresses; you can be reasonably sure that your alias has now gone into the hands of some spammer. This blocks that spammer. But later, you can ALSO choose to disable that alias you happened to use, as it may be getting circulated.

SenderUnblock *senderEmailAddress*
This will enable a previously disabled email address

MakeMerchant *Domain* *ipaddress*
Your account here will get a merchant status and you then can use our API. You must specify your domain name and IP address from where our API would be called.

Once you become a merchant, your app/website can easily use our passwordless system using our API. When calling our API, your account secret must be used to authenticate the API calls sent to us. Read our documentation here.

If you have multiple sites/apps; you are welcome to use this command multiple times. That means each person can register multiple domains here. The advantage to you is that all your users in all those sites/apps will grow together!

Please read our TOS carefully. If you are not the owner or authorized representative of the domain or we feel the domain is used for "phishing" or some other scam/fraud; we will ban you!

DeflectDom *Domain* *DeflectionCode*
This command is used by merchants to deflect a message from its original domain to one specified here. For example; a merchant may use an external mailer system which works on a different email domain. Just to ensure that the message will land up at the correct domain and not the domain of that mailer; the merchant needs to ensure that the subject of such emails would need to start with [[DeflectionCode]].

That's right; the DeflectionCode has to be placed within double square brackets at the beginning of the subject line. You can invent your own DeflectionCode as long as it is in lower-case alphabets between 5 to 12 characters.

Important: Once you set a deflection code; make sure that it is used ONLY on the subject line for those emails being sent to addresses!

If you send the same email to other email addresses, then that deflection code would get exposed! Only our system strips off such deflection codes from the subject line of the email

Partner *Domain* *pepper1* *pepper2*
This command will allow any domain to partner with us. That domain's website/app users will get migrated to our system. This is how it works:

The merchant needs to craft two "peppers" -- which are like passwords (should be alphanumeric). The first one (pepper1) is for ensuring that we recognize those who come from that particular domain. The merchant's developers will need to craft a code for each user and send them a message to use a special link to enter our site. That code they crafted has also to be given to each user (will be unique for each user). Using that code and on clicking that link; such a user would get migrated to our system.

The second pepper (pepper2) is used to make a new ID for that specific user that the merchant will then recognize at their site. This ensure that the merchant developers can write very simple code to recognize the same user who was initially registered at their website; but now the user has migrated over to our system. Read more at our documentation.

This will show your current Koyns balance available in your account. Koyns are our internal currency system. It is not just Known.Email that uses Koyns. Our organization; "Limen Leap Labs" has other offerings too, and our users pay us in all those offerings also in Koyns. You can also gift them to others.

Accounts here are totally free. We charge some small tiny amounts for some additional, optional features. Merchants are charged as per their usage of our API. So it is a good idea to keep an idea on our pricing table, and ensure that your account is credited with enough Koyns. You can always buy more Koyns from our store.

Credit *koyncode*
You purchased Koyns from us? Thanks! Or you want to buy more Koyns? Great! Get them from our Payment gateway here. It is not just Known.Email that uses Koyns. Our organization; "Limen Leap Labs" have other offerings too, and our users pay us in all those offerings also in Koyns.

You paid for the Koyns? But now you do not know how to get the Koyn Code? Do not worry! Use this link: and follow the instructions there.

A bunch of koyns are given one Koyn Code. Think of a Koyn Code as the code you see printed on the bottom of a currency note -- and then the quantity of Koyns represented by that Code would be the value of that currency note. Enter such a Koyn Code using the above syntax. Your account will be immediately credited!

This will check the current Koyns balance available in your account; and you will get one Koyn Code for those koyns. This will not refund the money. But you can use your balance Koyns in all places where Koyns are accepted. It is not just Known.Email that uses Koyns. Our organization; "Limen Leap Labs" has other offerings too, and our users pay us in all those offerings also in Koyns.

Note that your balance will become zero! Please copy and paste the Koyn code into a safe place! If you forgot to do that; give the 'forgot' command to retreive the last Koyn code used or generated in your account.

SavePub *url*
If you give a URL as a parameter for this command, our system will assume that your public PGP key is located at that URL. Earlier PGP public key (if previously saved) would be overwritten. If you provide 'DELETE' as the parameter; it will delete any public PGP key that may have been saved in your account.

This command will reveal the current PGP public key saved in your account. It is quite possible that you have not saved any public key at all in your account here. Our system can still work provided you inform the merchant website/app the correct location of your PGP public key for them to send encrypted messages to you.

This command will delete your complete account here at Known.Email. Note that you should not have any regular Koyns balance in your account. If you do, then it will prompt you to first use the 'ReturnKoyns' command. That will give you a new Koyn code for your balance Koyns that you can use in other places where Koyns are accepted...or give it as a gift to someone. That command also clears up your regular Koyns balance. All accumulated free Koyns in your account will get removed on deletion.

Help *your message*
If you encounter some issue for which you want to contact us; please give this command. Kindly send a short clear message explaining the issue. If you have many points to say, kindly save the message as a file on some website and give us the link to that file. We will send back a reply as soon as possible into your own inbox here.

Note that we cannot help you on the work inside some merchant website/app. But this is meant for providing emergency help for our system only. If you notice some illegal activity by some merchant or user that we should become aware of; you can let us know that too.

If you want to give a longer description, please use our Trello Board at this link. At the Trello board, you can talk of the issues you faced here, and also give your suggestions.