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There are several ways to create a free account here (choose one!):
What is this system? It is a special email inbox that can be used to register at websites and those places that send you no-reply emails. Please read at least the intitial few answers in our FAQ and return back here.

Select from the drop-down above; one of the many ways by which you can get a free account here in minutes!
Send the following simple whatsapp message to this number: +919321465750

Register KE
A specially formatted link would be sent as a reply message to you. Click on that link to register. Our Whatsapp service is on Autoreply. We do not store your whatsapp number. If you so wish, use a virtual phone number to register a Whatsapp account and then use that to send the message to us.
Start chatting with our Telegram bot here in this browser or chat via the Telegram phone app. Just search for knownemailbot in Telegram.

Do the following at the Telegram chat with the bot: Firstly, click on the /start button when you get to our BOT there. You would be given a welcome message. After that, enter the word "Register" and send it as a chat to our bot. Your free Account would get registered immediately. Your Telegram ID is never revealed to anyone.
You can get a free account by using a simple 2 step process. The first step would be to send a special SMS to a special number. Go here, and complete the registration of your account. We do not store your phone number. Nobody will get your phone number. No merchant. Nobody. You can use a virtual phone number to send the SMS, if you want.
You can get an account once you join our Discord community. Use this invitation link to join our Discord community. Then click here to register your free account with us.

Psst...what is "Discord"? It's a popular community system. You can join our community there to read interesting news, announcements about our work here, etc. Your Discord ID is never revealed to anyone.
If you came from a partner site, you can setup an account using a registration code given by our partner. Merchants; if you are willing to move your members to our system; our system will be practically free for you -- even for new users you get from us!
If you have Homing.Space on this device, you can setup an account using your Homing.Space As Homing.Space is a fully private identity system; this has the maximum privacy. Nobody can come to know who you are. Even us!
If you have made some payment to our company (Limen Leap Labs) at our payment gateway; we are reasonably sure that you are really a human! So now you can setup an account here at Known Email using the Payment ID that you got in the receipt from our payment gateway.

What to do after you register?

Our easy to read, extensive documentation has all the details. Both for users as well as merchants, who want to allow users to enter their website/apps from here using our simple passwordless API.