accounts here are free!
some optional features are charged.
tiny amounts are deducted elastically for use of api.

here is our current pricing we currently charge for some optional features in our system.  ALL PRICES ARE IN "KOYNS" (SEE BELOW*)

Buy Koyns* here!

Minimum purchase should be 50,000 Koyns 
(A value of Rs 500/- INR, approximately $6.87 USD)
once you make a payment, get the Koyn Code from here

  • I koyn =1/100th of an Indian Rupee
    (approx 0.0014 USD)

*"Koyns" is the name we have given to the internal credits that we have implemented. (Read details further below)

Once you purchase a packet of Koyns, make sure you get your Koyn Code for that entire packet to you. You can get that easily at 

Such a Koyn Code can only be used once. You MUST use the configuration command "Credit" here to deposit those Koyns into your account else the money would not get credited to you. Or if you want; you can gift those Koyns to someone else by sharing the Koyn Code with that person.

Our payment gateway will mention our company name:
Limen Leap Labs Private Limited

In olden days, coffee beans or cowrie shells could have been used as coins. But now at Limen Leap Labs we simply use Koyns instead for our users to make payments to us.  Think of Koyns as the "plastic tokens" you exchange for fiat money at a Idli stall in Bangalore -- Then exchange those tokens for  idlis, dosas, vadas, sandwiches or whatever that were present in the menu.
You can buy any number of Koyns from our payment gateway for various features of our system. Refer our current pricing.

Note that regular users often need not buy anything -- they can use most features of their account free. Merchants also get a healthy amount of free Koyns. We only deduct a tiny number of Koyns elastically for the use of our API once the free Koyns have got exhausted.

If you have Koyns leftover in your account; you can get them returned back to you as Koyn Code. You can then use that Koyn Code in other solutions from us. (Yes all our solutions use these Koyns) Or you can gift such left over Koyns to others. But Koyns cannot be converted back to fiat money or even cryptocurrency.

Purchase questions?
Email us at