reclaim your emailS: divert all non-human,
no-reply emails to your special inbox here

developers: use our API to allow password-less
entry to your websites/apps & Grow viral!


All registration, marketing, support emails will now be in your special read-only inbox here.  Those emails will no longer clutter your regular email system.

You will get password-less entry to new Internet solutions/services as well sign-up/sign-in into most old ones*.  Our free, special inbox decrypts end-to-end encrypted OTPs only on your device. Fantastic for startups to get started quickly and grow users virally! 

an offer of love FOR BOTH OF You

You; as a user, are hassled. Merchants are also hassled. Because your current emails are all cluttered up. You are also quite tired of setting passwords at various websites/apps. Frankly, so are the merchants! They are not sure if you are really able to read their messages in all the clutter. They also worry that you may sue them if your account with them gets hacked -- so now they are insisting on additional two-factor authentication. That is even more irritating. Our system can be used practically anywhere* to solve all such problems.

Here is an offer of love for both of you. 
A simple, elegant, read-only special inbox. 
All merchant emails neatly organized by domains.
Merchants are happy as none of their messages go into the spam folder.
You are happy: Your emails hardly leak into spammers lists
AND you have very fine blocking controls too!

And both of you are grinning: Merchants can easily
implement a password-less entry for you; using
trusted end-to-end PGP encryption.
It takes just 2 API calls!

You have suggestions or you noticed issues?  
Join our Trello board

*except on sites which can lead to credibility issues such as  social media, dating, etc.
Here is our banned list.

We are an innovative software lab About US

Founded in 1987, our office was initially an architect's practice. Yes, our founder was originally an architect doing lots of buildings, interiors, etc. But he had an unusual way of practice: He wrote his own design software to design his projects. That led to the birth of this "lab" in 2019.  We operate out of CIBA (Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration) at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. That is the photo inside CIBA. Come inside anytime!

We tackle a lot of wicked problems on the Internet. Our design software is now quite popular. See  But along with that, we dig deep into how to produce elegant solutions -- several of them use architectural concepts from the real world. Check our company Limen Leap Labs for details. Each of our offerings of love has its own website.